lightest sup race board in canberra

2021 STARBOARD 14'0" X 23" ALL STAR CARBON … Available Construction: CARBON SANDWHICH Length 14'0" /426.7 cm Width 23"/ 58.4 cm Thickness 10.4"/ 26.5 cm Tail Width 14.0"/ 35.6 cm Volume 299 L Rider Weight 50-80 kg Fin Set-up Single Fins Natural Winner Weight CARBON SANDWICH: 12.3 kg (est) ALL STAR “ULTRA-STABLE, HIGH-PERFORMANCE RACE SHAPES DESIGNED BY WORLD-CLASS …contact us

RACE PRO CARBON - F-ONE The carbon fibers are laid 45° and -45° onto the board therefore avoiding any fibers at 0° to preserve the flex of the board whilst achieving higher mechanical performances. This construction improves the weight/resistance ratio of Carbon Series models which clearly feature among the lightest and best performing boards on the us

Starboard 2021 Generation 14 x 28 Carbon Top This 146″ x 28″ Generation is the best of 3 worlds; Surfing, Racing and Touring. It is aimed to be an easy surfing, race and touring paddle board for everybody and anybody. It will remind you of; the Longboard when surfing as the tail outline makes it respond with ease, the All Star when racing in all water conditions, the Touring when when us

9′ Gerry Lopez Ltd | ULI Boards The most rigid, lightest, fastest and maneuverable board we’ve ever made. With ULI’s patented WikiRail, stomp pad and removable fin boxes this board excels in the surf with great all around capability. Width: 32″. Length: 9’. Thickness: 4″.contact us

THINK XOR SUP — Surfski Syndicate 2016-2-6 · XOR SUP has the following characteristics: Hollow 14′ carbon/kevlar/honeycomb SUP race board. Designed for riders wanting the lightest, stiffest, …contact us

2021 Sprint » Flat-Water Race Paddle Board » Starboard SUP LIGHTEST WEIGHT, DURABILITY, FLEX CONTROL. Lightest and strongest race board construction. Super light-weight biaxial carbon is laminated over the standing area and full bottom. While the stronger 150g Biaxial carbon wraps the nose …contact us

AIR STRIKER SUP FOIL BOARD – Kings Paddle Sports The King's Air Striker SUP Foil Board is the result of countless hours of testing. The Air Striker is a super well balanced SUP surf foil board. This is perhaps the best performing and lightest SUP hydrofoil board in the world! Be sure to view the videos below. The Air Striker provides you the following features and benefits:contact us

SIC Maui SUP Boards – Stand up paddle boards and ... 2021-12-30 · Paddleboarding is a lifestyle for many, and Sic Maui certainly has its roots buried deep into that vibe. SiC Maui knows, what boards work and in what conditions, so choosing the right kit for them is all part of the business ethos. As a beginner, you'll find boards to suit, whilst those looking for fitness may look to our sup race boards or touring boards and anyone looking …contact us

Lightweight Kayaks, Thermoformed ABS Plastic Kayaks | … Our new thermoformed ABS kayaks combine the affordability and tough, bouncy durability of plastic with the lighter weight. Known for their tough resilience to the elements and being strong makes for a durable yet lightweight kayak. The bright lustrous, shine of the deck/hull plus the numerous colour choices that make ocontact us

Carbon vs other | Stand Up Paddle Forums, page 1 - … 2015-12-5 · Carbon Vs Other and other stand up paddle discussion in the Seabreeze general forums, page 1. Forums > Stand Up Paddle > > General. Subs Active Search New Topic. ... The JP pro & race boards are not carbon they are a mix of composites to give the strength and makes them very hard to ding. The surfing Sups although stiff still have torsion us

How to Find the Best SUP Paddle for You - KOA Paddle … 2021-12-23 · PADDLE HEAD SIZE & SHAPE. Paddle heads come in different sizes but today we are going to focus on the 2 most important ones. -Size and Shape-The size of the paddle plays a big role on what you are planning to do. Many paddle board paddles will have a measurement size on the paddle itself (at least the good ones anyways).contact us