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Stand Up Paddles | Products | Stand Up Paddle Gear … Surf SUP paddles usually stand 3-5 inches taller than the paddler, but can be the exact height of the paddler for the best performance in waves. Touring, Racing and Fitness paddles are usually 4- 6 inches above the paddler’s height for improved reach and power in each stroke. These shaft lengths, however, are only a guide and we suggest a us

Paddle Boards Feature – South Bay Board Co. Wooden Body Armor Wide outline = unmatched durability stability. Double pulled in tail keeps these boards loose and fun in the turns. Premium features: Single to Double Concave bottom deck, Carbon Fiber Wrapper Rails, & Thick 'Fingerprint' Textured Wax-Free Foam. 10’ Big Barco Pro Paddle Board. $1, us

Carbon Hybrid Paddle | SUP Paddles | THURSO SURF The THURSO SURF Carbon SUP paddle has a 3-piece carbon fiber shaft and a carbon-nylon blade construction. It weighs only 32 oz/900 grams and can float on the water when assembled. The paddle length is adjustable from 71”/180 cm to 87”/220 cm when fully us

How to Fix a carbon fiber surfboard « Surfing :: … 2007-12-4 · Fixing your Aviso Carbon Fiber surfboard is just as easy as fixing your old poly surfboard. You can remove the drain plug. Dry it out completely. There is no foam to rot or wood to break. If fixed properly Aviso surfboards will keep all …contact us

Jantex - Australian Paddle Sports Jantex has been crafting professional paddles since 1993. Jan Rusnak, a member of the Slovak wild-water national team from 1993 to 2003, combined his background in mechanical engineering and his talent for kayak racing to …contact us

Carbon Fibre for SUP?? | Stand Up Paddle Forums, page 1 ... 2012-10-9 · Their reasoning for using carbon I can a only pressume is for the light weight and increase in stiffness that carbon fibre supplys. We can all appreciate a lighter weight for surfing, especially as we ride large SUP boards. Using carbon fibre to stiffen a surfing board makes no sense to me. Stiffening a surfing board is a negative effect not a us

All Wood & Carbon Paddle Boards - Cruiser SUP Highest Performance. Most versatile boards from 8'10" to 12' and 19 pounds, with stunning performance & Paulonia Wood/ clear carbon construction! Includes Paddle, Surf & Touring Center Fins, FCSII Side Fins, Premium Surf Deck Pad & 2 …contact us

Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Paddles For Sale | ISLE ISLE Carbon Shaft 3-Piece Adjustable Travel Paddle with Nylon Blade is the way to go. No more hassling with traditional paddles – just break this model down into 3 smaller pieces for easy storage while traveling. When broken down, the tallest …contact us

2022 Longboard Surf board - World's Leading Paddle … 9’1″ x 22″ / 59L. Length: 9’1” / 277 cm. Width: 22” / 56 cm. 9’1″ x 22″ is a super high-performance longboard built to perform in waves from 1ft to 6ft and offers fast down-the-line surfing, as well as the ability to turn the board very loosely and …contact us

Products Archive - Sup Gear Australia A carbon fibre paddle is extremely strong, but it’s also light making it ideal for anyone spending a lot of time on the water or tackling long-distance paddling. Fiberglass Paddles A fibreglass paddle is lightweight and rigid, but it has some flex so it makes the stroke softer. Paddles in fibreglass are a cost effective mix of performance and us

Best Paddleboard Paddle | Best Sup Paddle - SUP Shop Many carbon paddles in the market place will weigh a meager 15-25oz, making them great for responsiveness in the surf and ideal for long distance races. The toughest bite to swallow with carbon fiber is the price, which can run anywhere from $250-$600 for good quality carbon fiber paddles. Composite paddles, or paddles made with multiple us

SUP Paddles For Sale - Stand Up Paddle Board Paddles 2021 2021-12-23 · The THURSO SURF SUP Carbon Paddle is the younger sibling to the Carbon Elite. Like the Elite, this paddle can be converted to a kayak paddle as well, when you purchase the extra blade seperately. The shaft is very strong due to the carbon fiber, while the blade is strengthed by a rib that runs down the center of us

SUP Stand Up Paddleboarding Paddles Surf FX Stand up paddleboard SUP Paddles Australia's best range of stand up paddleboard paddles. carbon fiber and adjustable SUP paddles from quickblade, …contact us

Dark Arts Surf | Carbon Fiber Performance Surfboards The Vegan Fish combined with the Dark Arts vacuumed carbon fiber attributes, flex-back, durability, and supreme weight, has made this JT’s bestselling custom shape over the years. Designed to be Twin Fin, but always customizable. In Stock Surf Boards will be shipped within 2-5 business days of us